Van Helsing Season 2

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You may have noticed that I have not posted anything to this website in a while. There are two reasons for this. One, I have been ill. Nothing life threatening, but when a person does not feel good for a long time they lose much of their passion and desires for the things they love.

I love fantasy stories, and I enjoy writing about them. But nothing has really inspired me to post anything in a while. Horror seems to be what is popular these days, and horror is not my thing. However, recently a new person started following this website, so I thought I’d better get back to posting again. So let’s start off with the second season of the TV series, Van Helsing

I was aware that during the end of last season, SyFy channel had renewed the TV series for a second season. After what I saw in the first season, I was very surprised. Read my previous post on Van Helsing and you will know why.

I truly hope that the plot this year is better than last year. There were so many in the holes in last year’s plot that it made it difficult for me to watch each week. You could tell that they had a very limited budget, so Vanessa had to carry the entire show.

Now I have no inside information of this season other than the trailers and what I’ve read on the Internet. I was pleased to read that in the first episode, Vanessa (Kelly Overton) learns secrets from her past. Well it’s about damn time. I don’t think in the first season she ever figured out that she is the related to the famed vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. Yet the title of the show is Van Helsing.

In a so-called, Exclusive Video, it seems that Vanessa finds her daughter she was looking for in season one. But she is either a vampire or is like Vanessa, but much more violent. In fact, it looks like the entire show has become filled with much more violence and gore. I guess they are trying to compete with, The Walking Dead.

I have to be honest. I am not looking forward to watching the second season of Van Helsing and I suspect there will not be a third. However, I’ve been wrong before.



If tonight’s first episode of “Van Helsing” is any indication of how the series will progress, I predict it to be a short season.

In this review, I won’t bother with the first few minutes of the show where they have a fast forward flash scene to keep the audience watching.  So, here is what we learned in the first episode of Van Helsing.

(Warning Spoiler Alert)

Before the show starts, we read:


Three years since “The Rising” began.

Civilization has fallen.

Vampires rule the streets.

Only whispers of a human savior.

After reading this, I’m assuming that “The Rising” began in 2016 and it is now three years later.

After the flash forward scene, we see a brunette woman lying unconscious on an operating room table.  The camera then focuses on a soldier in a separate room, feeding his blood through an IV tube to a female vampire in a cage.

He is talking to the woman, who is obviously a vampire, about how he misses Subway sandwiches and Kit Kat candy bars.  So, it is safe to assume he has been there awhile.  (I wonder how much they paid for that verbal product placement.)

The soldier then hears some people yelling from outside.  As he goes to investigate, we visually learn that he has barricaded himself inside a building with the vampire in a cage and the unconscious woman.  As he reaches the front door he refuses to let anyone in until he is given an order to open the door from one of the people outside.

The soldier lets about a half-dozen people into his barricaded building.  The person who gave him the order turns out to be a former marine that left that location six months earlier.  As the two marines talk, we learn that their mission was to recover a body from that building three years earlier.  We then find out that everyone from the mission was killed except for the unconscious woman and the female vampire in the cage.  She is kept alive because she is a scientist of some kind.

That same night, some vampires happen to get inside the building.  Three of the vampires go into the room where the woman is lying unconscious and one of them bits her.  Right away, we see the vampire that bit her have a reaction to the woman’s blood.  The bite also awakens the woman where she immediately kills the other two vampires in a bloody fight.

Her fighting skills are that of an expert fighter.  Pretty good for someone who has been asleep for three years.  You would think that muscle atrophy would have set in after being asleep for three years.  But not in her case.

After all the vampires have been killed and disposed of, we then learn that the formerly unconscious woman’s name is Vanessa.  She has no memory of “The Rising” and is only interested in finding her daughter.

I found it a bit unusual that she had been asleep for three years but looks perfectly normal.  When they show her asleep on the table, I saw no IVs running into her arms.  However, I did see a bunch of heat lamps shining on her.  At least that is what they looked like.  It was a poor scientifically accurate scene to show that they had to keep someone alive for three years.  Perhaps they didn’t have the budget for some scientific equipment, even though we learn that the building they are in is an abandoned hospital.

Perhaps Vanessa doesn’t need to eat either.  If your asleep, you can’t eat.  And with no IV’s in her, how did she get her nourishment.  Maybe they just stuck a tube down her throat three times a day for three years.  Who knows.  This is truly one of the unknown mysteries of the story.

Having no memory of the past three years, Vanessa is told that after a volcano erupted, people started killing each other and turning into vampires.  How a volcano of molten lava turned people into vampires is also a mystery.  However, if that is what they say happened then we will just have to go with that story.  I’m sure some scientist will eventually explain it all to us in a later episode.

The resident marine will not allow anyone to leave the building, including Vanessa.  But the second marine manages to get Vanessa alone and offers to help her escape so she can find her daughter.

As the two are trying to escape, the resident marine catches them.  As the two marines fight, Vanessa manages to get to the roof where we all see that the entire city looks like it is on fire.  Then when both marines and Vanessa are all on the roof, the second marine reveals his real intentions.

It seems that he wants to turn Vanessa over to the vampires, dead or alive.  He thinks it will stop the vampires from attacking people in some way.  He then says that they did terrible things to his insides, but gave no details.  This part of the dialog felt a little forced because all we know so far is that these vampires are a lot like mindless zombies and just go around attacking humans.  Perhaps we will find out later.  Also, why he is not a vampire after being captured is also a mystery.

Vanessa manages to escape from the marine that wants to turn her over to the vampires.  The marine then sticks a large knife in Vanessa’s hand and she uses it to kill the marine, while it is still in her hand, mind you.  After she removes the knife from her hand, the wound heals by itself within a minute in front of everyone, showing that she is not a normal human.

Finally, at the end of the show, we hear a voice coming from the area where they disposed all the dead vampires they had killed.  We discover that the voice is coming from the vampire that bit Vanessa while she was sleeping, but somehow he is now human again.  End of the first episode.

So in short, it seems that Vanessa’s blood can turn vampires back into humans.  Great.  Now the question is, will the blood of the vampire that was turned back into a human also turn other vampires back into humans?  If so then all they have to do is release that one that used to be a vampire back outside.  After a few vampires bite him, they will turn into humans and other vampires will bite them until all the vampires are human again.

This reminds me of the movie, “Daybreakers”, with Ethan Hawke.  Ethan found a cure for being a vampire, which remained in his blood after he became human.  Every vampire that bit him became human and they then carried the cure.  Then other vampires fed off those turned vampires, and so on, and so on.  We assume that due to this cure, the vampire virus is irradiated.

However, I suspect that only Vanessa’s blood will turn vampires back into humans.  Therefore, all they need to do is take a few pints of her blood each day and put it into dart guns.  With every vampire they hit with a dart, they will get some of her blood and become human again.  Eventually, over time, the vampire problem will be solved.

In my opinion, I see a lot of holes in this story line.  If the writers don’t plug them up with some creditable information soon, this series will die after only one season.  I hope the second episode will be more revealing.




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Dracula is Dead

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It’s been a while since I have posted anything because on my blog because I have been working on my second book in the White Swan series.  However, I must comment one last time on the TV series Dracula.

Let me first start by saying that last week’s episode will be the last time I will watch the TV series, Dracula.  I have tried but I just still cannot see Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the notorious Dracula.

As the series has unfolded, I feel as if the writers took sex, betrayal, violence, pseudoscience, obsession, mixed it up with a touch of the supernatural, not to mention lesbianism and try to make a good story.  The problem is that this version of Dracula is simply not a good story.

If you have been watching the show, there was a time when Nonso Anozie who plays R.M. Renfield, Dracula’s servant was captured and tortured.  All his captives wanted to know was, “who does Alexander Grayson love.”  At this point no one knows who Dracula really is, so why would they ask such a question?  To disgrace Mina Murray, played by Jessica De Gouw?

Then when Dracula finally finds Renfield, he brutally tears his captives apart.  The same thing happens again when Mina Murray is captured.  Just before her face is about to be disfigured by acid, Dracula comes in at the last-minute to the rescue Mina, and once again tears her captives apart.

As I said before, I personally don’t think Meyers makes a very good Dracula, but he is turning out to be a pretty good thug.

There are many things that is wrong with this version of Dracula, but I don’t have time to point them all out here.  What I think is the biggest problem with the show is that there is no mystery or intrigue.  It is true that there are secrets that are starting to be revealed, but very little mystery.  In fact, the last episode I watched, I became so bored that I turned the station and said, enough is enough.

I’m sure they have already shot all the episodes for the season, therefore the show will most likely air till the season’s end.  However, I can guarantee that the show will not be renewed for next year.  It’s say really.  It had such promise.

I will give the writers, and director credit for trying to make the story of Dracula a bit different.  But the true problem with Dracula is that all the character are bad guys.  Dracula has no true nemesis.  To me this is the fundamental foundation of the Dracula story.  Without a hero, everyone is either a victim or a bad guy.  The only hope we had was Jonathan Harker, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, but he had to go and cheat on his fiancée Mina.

It is true that in the last episode we hear that Van Helsing has broken his deal with Dracula as he told Jonathan Harker who Alexander Grayson really is.  So perhaps the two will team up and try to bring down Dracula.  But will Jonathan want Mina back after she slept with Dracula?  Making love to an undead vampire for some reason makes me want to take a shower.  It seems in this show, evil can corrupt anyone.

Thanks for reading,


Normality I blog about something related to the genre of my book, but today I heard something that disturbed me so much that I had to write about it.  It seems that ESPN rejected a commercial ad from Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center just because it had the words “Jesus” and “God” in it.  ESPN reportedly found the statements, “we celebrate the birth of Jesus” and “help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas” to be “problematic.”

The commercial was submitted to an ESPN ad executive who rejected it saying that it did not comply with the ESPN broadcast rules. The Foundation asked the executive to submit an appeal to his superiors at ESPN. He did, and the ad was rejected again.

After much criticism and media coverage, ESPN finally came out with the following statement.  “We have again reviewed the ads submitted for the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center and have concluded that we will accept the original requested commercial. It will run in Saturday’s VCU at Northern Iowa basketball game on ESPN. This decision is consistent with our practice of individual review of all ads under our commercial advocacy standards.”

Why is everyone so worried about being politically correct?  To speak of the two things in this world that are good and pure, ESPN finds it problematic!  What is wrong with people?  The latest polls say that 9 out of 10 people believe in God and 73% to 80% of people identify themselves as Christians.  So why are people so afraid to mention God, Jesus, and say Merry Christmas?  If these polls are correct, then where is the outrage?  Why are not more people fighting for the right to express their Christain faith?  If someone of a different faith does not agree with the Christian faith, then they can turn the channel.  No one is forcing them to become a Christian.

More and more of our right to express ourselves as Christians are being taken away.  In my opinion, if you claim to be a Christian but do not show your support for the Christian faith, it’s as bad as denying it.  Have we learned nothing from the Apostle Peter when he denied Jesus three times and regretted it for the rest of his life?

What will they want to take away next, the word Angel?  Or will they forbid us to speak the names of the Catholic Saints.  Those that are afraid of being so politically correct should be ashamed.  Corporation or not, they are turning their back on the foundation that this country was founded on.

President Dwight Eisenhower said, “Without God, there could be no American form of Government, nor and American way of life.”

I agree.

God bless you all,


There are a lot of books about vampires out there and they can get a bit ‘samey’ but this one drew me in from the first page. Fortunately there wasn’t a sparkle of flesh in evidence and instead it was all about the story.

This book, the first in a series, tells of a farm girl called Sophia who gets bitten by Sara, a vampire from a powerful clan. Sophia feels compelled to seek Sara out and they form a strong bond. After an attack on Sophia and Sara leaves Sophia fighting for her life on the roadside, Sara is forced to turn Sophia fully into a vampire without her permission. Sophia is subsequently accepted by Sara’s father Marcus into his family and his care. Sophia’s life changes dramatically and with a strength of character she proves herself worthy of the new gifts imposed on her. While she fights by the side of the rest of the family her real purpose is revealed to her and she must return to what she was to discover who she will become.

I really liked this book. Mark A Sprague gives us a strong female character who feels believable and he writes the story with flow, building up the tension whilst keeping the pace going. With clever descriptive writing and a few good meals for vampire fans, this book really is worth a few hours of your time.


Thank you Ali. For those of you who wich to visit her website and read other reviews, here is her link. The title of her blog is,’A Woman Wisdom’.

After watching the latest episode of Dracula, the only thing vampirish about Jonathan Rhys Meyers is that he can be burnt by the sun.  The only ability I have seen, is that he can be a ruthless businessman.

So far, after three episodes, here is what we have discovered:

Dracula and Van Helsing are working together to destroy the Order of the Dragon; Dracula wants to walk in the sun; Dracula wants to bring free electricity to the world; and Dracula desires the love of Mina Murray, (Jessica De Gouw) who reminds him of his love that the Order killed centuries ago.  The story is turning out to be an excellent soap opera, indeed.

This is a show about vampires, is it not? Is the most powerful vampire that ever lived impotent?  Dracula, who wants revenge on the Order, doesn’t even do his own dirty work.  He has Van Helsing poison the two seers and then bash their heads in to hide the poison he gave them.  Personally I think it would have been much more refined for Van Helsing if he would had simply cut off their heads.  He is a gentleman, after all.

I would think that a true vampire, who desires revenge, would use his abilities in much more sinister ways.  Is Dracula afraid to use his abilities in fear that he will be discovered, or is he just waiting for the right moment to expose himself to the Order and then kill them all.

And what of Van Helsing?  After the Order is destroyed, what will he do?  I’m on the edge of my seat… trying to stay awake that is.  This is a story about the most feared vampire that ever lived.  However, I’m more afraid of Dracula’s servant, Nonso Anozie who plays R.M. Renfield.  Now that is a man I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark ally, or in the day either.  He’s intimidating, confident, and very smart.  Where did he even come from?  In the first episode he just appears as Dracula’s servant, loyal confidant, and right hand man.  Why is he so devoted to Dracula?  So many questions…

On a side note, it seems that millions of moms throughout the country call the new Dracula extremely violent and too pornographic for their children to watch.  Well it is a show about a vampire.  What did they expect?  However I do sympathize with them.  After all the recent moves and TV shows that have literally tamed vampires, I’m sure they expected this version to be just as tame.  Personally I have seen much worse on primetime.  However, perhaps NBC should move Dracula to a later time slot.  It couldn’t hurt, and they might even get better ratings than they are getting now.

Until next week my friends,


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In the second episode of Dracula we begin to see some of the aspects from the original Bram Stoker’s storyline emerge.  However, if Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, (Aka Dracula) were just a man, Dracula would be nothing more than a soap opera.

In the first episode we see Dracula being released by a shadowy figure.  In the second we flashback to when Dracula was released in the first episode and find out that it was Van Helsing who released him.  Helsing tells Dracula that the Order of the Dragon killed both of their ancestors and tries to convince Dracula to team up with him.

In every good story about good and evil, each party has a nemesis with the means to destroy the other.  However, in this story you have both good and evil teaming up to destroy a bunch of old rich men, the Order of the Dragon.  Why would Dracula need Van Helsing in the first place?  He is a powerful vampire, yet I have not seen Dracula use any of his abilities, with the exception of one scene when he knows that he is being spied upon by a couple of seers.

Also, why is this Dracula and American?  That makes no sense at all.  All NBC had to do is make a few minor changes to the original Dracula story and NBC would have had a hit.  People loved Bram Stoker’s version of Dracula.  If he is watching this version from above, he must be turning over in his grave.

All these changes that the creators made, makes no sense.  It gives me a headache.  I found it ironic to see the picture below on’s page featuring Dracula.  Be sure to take two before the next episode.



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